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The spring issue of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS magazine THE Stylemate is available as a single issue for € 7 incl. shipping.

This issue's topic is DESTINATION DESIGN:

We love print! And we express that love of printed paper with every issue of THE Stylemate. However, we can't deny the need for a digital presence. We are not even trying to. On the contrary, we are believers in the coexistence of printed and digital media both now and in the future. That is why we have just launched the blog - with a lot of great stories and things from around the world that make life even more beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, you will also discover a host of beautiful things in this issue of THE Stylemate, which is dedicated to design. The eccentric lady with the spectacular sunglasses on the front cover is the famous art patron Peggy Guggenhaim. She shaped Venice not just with her Guggenheim collection but also and above all during here lifetime with her very personality. We find the way she did so - namely with an exceptional sense of quality and a liking for the ironic and absurd - absolutely impressive and want to bring that to the page. We also like putting strong women on the cover.

Issue NO. 01/2019 | 32 Pages

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