The brand new fall/winter issue of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS magazine THE Stylemate is available as a single issue for € 7 incl. shipping.

This issue's topic is what is of value to us?

The year 2020 is drawing to a close and most people probably have the same thing on their minds – mostly, wishing for the arrival of the New Year. We hope we’ll be able to overcome Covid-19, and that this period of worry and uncertainty that far exceeds normal levels will soon be a thing of the past. We’re dreaming of once more being able to move around freely, to travel and to meet new people. To discover new places and to feel unlimited well-being when we get there.

In this issue, we have reflected on what is important to us, when something has value and what notions of value there are. In addition, our cover shows an image by Austrian artist Martin Grandits, who deals with this topic in a humorous way in his works. And that takes us onto the second theme of this issue: Austria. 

Issue No. 03/2020 | 40 pages

Publication date: End of October 2020

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