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<p> <p align="justify"><b>The winter issue of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS magazine ...</b> <p> ... is about "Secret Places". We all have a deep yearning for secrets and insider tips. Discover new places & hotels for yourself in this issue. <p/>

The winter issue of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS magazine THE STYLEMATE is available as a single issue for € 7 incl. shipping.


We have a deep yearning for secrets. Anyone who looks for “insider tips” on tourism websites will find them in their thousands. But – these secrets can’t be so secret if everyone can see them.

So our secret tip is this - ask your hotelier what sort of secrets can be discovered around your holiday resort.

Further topics about distant places, stylish hotels in the Alps, new openings and articles by Florentina Welley and Franzobel round off the issue.

Issue NO. 03/2017 | 32 Pages

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