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<p><b><p align="justify">Individual & stylish design hotels and boutique hotels</b> <p><p align="justify"><p align="justify">The current LIFESTYLEHOTELS BOOK & a subscription of the magazine THE STYLEMATE (3 issues) for a combined price of € 59.<p/>

LIFESTYLEHOTELS THE BOOK 13th edition presents in a new design on about 400 pages all the unique LIFESTYLEHOTELS, spread to 11 countries.

Each hotel is presented in English with detailed description, best room tip and striking pictures.


Now as a combined offer together with 3 issues of the magazine for only € 59 (including free shipping within EU+CH).

The book will be published in a few weeks and shipped to the address specified in the order.

The magazine is published in spring / summer / autumn. The subscription ends automatically after the 3 issues. 

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AT-8010 Graz
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